Wondering Why You Got Rejected? Here Are 10 Reasons Why Girls Reject Guys!

  1. 10 Reasons Why Girls Reject Guys

It’s amazing, isn’t it? It is the feeling to be in love and be loved because it feels like to be on the bridge of rainbows and ……. Okay that went too cheesy now but it’s quite understood that love is something amazing and you could relate to that feeling. From the kisses to the hugs and the cuddles, it’s like the best feeling to have. When one tend to become sad, another one too goes low, when one is joyful then another one reflects the joy in his eyes. It’s just that crazy!

But when it comes to proposals, not everyone gets the love of the life. Some turn sour while some turn lovely on guys. Some act clingy, while some act nervous. It’s the thing which pounds inside when you are with him. But if in case you don’t like him and the attention he is giving is one-sided then things turn much sour. It gets hurt down deep to the person whose feeling rejected. What could be the reason? Is it his looks or body or his lifestyle and job? What turns off girls the most in a man is quite something we have got BUT, if love is true, these things doesn’t matter. So make a choice where you are wanted. Make things right and act normal if you really want to try.
All the rejections are not by heart or intentionally but some are also due to reasons. Well, these are the list of things you should NOT do while going on a date or talking to the girl.

10 Worst Reasons Why Girls Reject Guys:


1. Bad First Look:

Why Girls Reject Guys

A girl could decide in about first 10 seconds of meeting a guy when she sees him whether she would date him or not. In a generation of changing trends, it’s quite very important to stay stylish, classy, trendy and best on the look you are presenting on a date.


2. Urge to Date:

Why Girls Reject Guys
A girl could sense it in a while if a guy is keen in her or not or whether he is just a desperate guy who’d date any good looking girl. It turns off girls when they see this urge than sensing the urge of liking from his side.


3. Lack of Sensibility:

Why Girls Reject Guys
90% girls seek for a partner who’s much sensible in taking decisions and is aware of the facts and consequences of things. Girl’s highly gets irritated if the guy does not understand and acts insensible around.


4. Poor Ambitions and Goals:

Why Girls Reject Guys
It’s very important for today’s generation, where people are turning practical day by day to be ambitious towards your goals. If a guy is not a hard worker and just a person who’s trying to ruin his life and trying to act cool then this too could turn her off. Girls do fall for the guys who are ambitious in life and are goal oriented.


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