Wondering Why You Got Rejected? Here Are 10 Reasons Why Girls Reject Guys!



5. Interesting and Funny Factor:

Why Girls Reject Guys

Well, that says all. It’s not bad to be funny but how you make it funny. Girls love the guys who sound cute and funny at the same time. That’s the major part which attracts them.


6. Egoistic?

Why Girls Reject Guys
So if any day girl found out you’ve got ego problem then she’ll decide to walk away. Sensible Girls just could not take guys who have ego factor in their personality and are rude in talks.


7. Being Sarcastic or Cocky:

Why Girls Reject Guys
There are a bunch of girls out there who just HATES being around guys who act cocky and sarcastic to them. They love guys who could comfort them with their presence and they’d love to be around with them because there are things which should not be said directly to a girl at times which could turn her down.


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