15 People Share The Best Instant Karma Moments They Ever Witnessed!


Karma is real and is best when served cold if you do good you will receive good. But if you do bad then lord save you from the wrath that if hath on you. These people have had the golden chance to witness instant karma up close and you’d feel delighted too after reading these stories!

These people share the best instant karma moments in their life and they are savage as hell!

1. And that’s why folks you should plan on harming someone!

2. This is definitely the first-hand experience for her lack of respect for the rules.

3. What is the problem of people having almost zero respect for traffic laws? Good thing he knew there’s always someone around to put a check on you.

4. You should never mistake anyone’s lean physique for their weakness, you never know when karma favors them.

5. Showing off has never really helped anyone. Well, let’s hope that he has learned his lesson now.


7. Now that’s what I call poetic justice, don’t think you’ll get whatever you want always. You never know when the tables turn and you end up with nothing.

8. Whoa! You never want to do that to your boss. How the karma laughs at you now!

9. It most definitely can!

10. Whoa! That is definitely Karma’s work, you do bad to people worse happens to you. That is nature’s law.
instant karma
11. Sometimes staying behind isn’t that bad at all. Especially when somebody tries to drag you back.
instant karma
12. Well, would you look at that! This is definitely what you get for trying to be a bully.
instant karma
13. Haste has never got people anywhere but in troubles. Be very careful before making hasty decisions.
instant karma
14. Do you think you are the one who’s always going to be favored? Well, think again!
instant karma
15. Yep, looks like you most definitely are!
instant karma


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