16 Reasons Why India Is Totally Different From Any Other Country In The World


India is a country of wonders. With the second largest population in the world which might go to the top soon, the country has achieved a lot. India is a huge nation with infinite diversities and unlike any other country, it’s totally different at every 100 miles. You can find a new language, new culture, and new everything just every 100 miles. The country is almost out of this world and hence different from every country you ever heard about.

Below are what makes India different from any other country in the world:

India has 6 seasons.


Meanwhile, the world has 4 seasons, India has these 6 seasons throughout the year.

1600 languages are spoken in India alone.

The world is said to have 8000 known languages to date, while the country is home to 1/5th of them. 122 languages out of these 1600 are major languages. 30 of them have more than a million speakers.

Some schools don’t take money as their fees.


India has found a middle way of getting poor kids to school and also cleaning up plastic by allowing plastic waste to be paid as fees. This cleans the nations as well as enables kids to study while doing so.

People want you to honk at them.

In some countries, honking is even prohibited. While here, you’ll find messages like ‘Horn OK Please’ or ‘Blow Horn’ behind heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, etc. This is so that they know if someone wants to overtake them amid the loud noises the vehicle produces.

India is a green country.

The world is facing problems regarding trees and plantations. While in the past 20 years India has seen significant growth in the green cover which also increases the global cover worldwide.

Men can hold hands in the public.

Indians don’t mind men holding hands in the public, they’re not termed as homosexuals as any other country would.

The population of Australia is equal to Indians who travel using trains everyday.


Just imagine the population in this case!

It’s a cheap country.

While you pay $10 for a simple cup of coffee anywhere else, you can get a full meal for less than $5 in India.

Vegetarian food is easily available.

In India, 80% of the population practices Hinduism which prohibits Non-vegetarian food. So, it would be easy for you to find vegetarian food here. While eating out in non-vegetarian restaurants isn’t hard as well. It’s a multi-cuisine country.

Yes And No is really confusing.

Here, Yes and No are both done using the same wobble and it’s really hard decoding that. So, if you wanna avoid this decryption, just use words instead.

Cricket is a religion in India.

While there might be many countries with many sports, India has almost made the game of cricket a religion. People who practice this ‘religion’ is more than the population of many countries.

Indians don’t use toilet paper.

indiaIndians prefer to wash using water and hence you might find buckets or jet sprays here rather than toilet rolls like any other country.

One town doesn’t have gates on the front door.

A town named Shani Shingnapur doesn’t have doors on any of its houses. The first bank that opened in the small town was in 2011 and even that doesn’t have gates. The people believe that the doors would be protected by God and they have been true till date as the town has no robberies at all!

Chess and Snakes And Ladders are Indian games.

Board games like chess and what people commonly call Chutes and Ladders were originated in India and no one even knew where they originated.

The country has unlimited festivals.


India is a secular country and with so many religions and gods and diversity, every festival has equal importance and a government issues holiday for the entire nation.

It has the most number of Miss World titles.



India is said to have the most number of Miss World Titles won by any country, to be exact, 6 and hence we can term it as the country of beautiful people.


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