16 Weirdest But Common Phobias – Which One Is Yours?


16 Weirdest But Common Phobias

Fear… Fear is a constant reminder of what Life is! Or is it? What is fear? Why do we fear certain things? We keep telling others to overcome their fear and only then they can progress in their life! But, are we really qualified enough to suggest someone else on the concept of “Fear”? The bravest of the human being also suffers from fear. A Phobia is that b*tch which always keeps saying that we have to avoid certain things from experimenting because supposedly it will induce fear and anxiety.

Science has been updating us on the phobias that are newly getting created day by day. We human beings are capable of creating new things, be it physical or psychological. And of course, the weird things. They should be weird enough to gain the interest of the many and then to be induced in the society. Otherwise, what is the fun? Right?

Anyway, I am going to take you through 16 of the Weirdest phobias that exist in the world today. Think and really think which one of them is your phobia till you actually get one!


The latest of the phobias. It is a phone phobia. People are so addicted to their phones nowadays that they fear that their phone will go missing or they will lose all the contacts in their phone memory!

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Also called as Caligynephobia, this is the fear of beautiful women! Yes! Is she beautiful? Oh good God! I gotta run from here…

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This is the job of horror movies I guess! Fear of one’s own reflection…! “I don’t want any mirrors in my house” – shouted the Spectrophobic…

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This, now, is the fear of living inside a house! I suppose they would like to live in the forest perhaps? Or maybe roam like nomads… F*ck Evolution!

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