4 Kittens Make An Adorable Audience For This Street Singer. Here’s How


Sometimes little things are adorable enough to make your day. Artists look for these little things every day. They are holding onto their hope and dreaming that one day, their art will be recognized. Being an artist involves struggle, unhappiness and the constant feeling of not being good enough. A little encouragement always acts like serious motivation for the artists.

This particularly interesting case is of a street singer!

A Malaysian busker is seen performing in front of the most adorable audience in an adorable YouTube video.

The singer is seen singing a fun song and four cute kittens are seen listening to him intently. These kittens are looking up and concentrating. Undeniably, these kittens make up a better audience than humans. The singer also has an ecstatic smile on his face. His expression shows how glad he is to have them as his audience and he sings for them wholeheartedly. He will always remember this incident and hardly anyone would have believed this happened if it wasn’t for the video.

The person who uploaded the video wrote: “Suddenly, the kittens (3 months old) come and sit in front of him, he continued, it’s like [they] know his feeling and gives him support”.


The Comments



The adorable cat babies loved the singer and everyone on the internet loved the video. Some of the comments on the YouTube video said “I just died from cute poisoning”, “I WILL ADOPT THEM ALL” and “I didn’t know such was possible, this is just like what’s seen in Disney movies where characters sing to attentive pets”.

Well, this Disney like fantasy is not over yet. The singer in the video found his video on YouTube and wrote this heartwarming comment “Thank You.. Respect to be respected. I Did it Truly from soul.. by heart…I am the one in this video -Mr Jass From malaysia. Can Find me in FB : Jass Pangkor Busker or Youtube : Pangkor Busker. Tittle Of The Song : Keindahan Pantai (Enchanting Beach). Thanks”. This comment has already got more than 220 likes from lovely people.


In the end, we would just like to request you that, whenever you see an artist and know that he/she/them is struggling, just give them a word of encouragement. Sometimes, that is all they need.

Oh, and do watch the video!



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