People Are Going Crazy Since The 500 And 1000 Indian Currency Notes Got Banned, Reactions Are Shocking!


#10 Notes are banned, black money transaction failed. Oops!

people's reactions on 500-1000 notes being banned

#11 Then there are people who remain unaffected by the news. I’m so jealous of you right now!

people's reactions on 500-1000 being banned #12 PM Narendra Modi, is probably the only ‘chai waala’ (read: tea vendor) who woke up a nation of one billion people without ‘chai'(read: tea)!

people's reactions on 500-1000 notes being banned#13 Known for his witty remarks, Virendra Sehwag landed a six on twitter again!

people's reactions on 500-1000 notes being bannedPeople of the nation, and world at large it is high time we did our share to stop corruption globally. This is a message for all those who are sitting on piles of black money, do at least ONE good thing in your life, help the families of the matyrs, and also help the sick by paying their hospital bills. The notes being banned might cause some inconvience at the moment but nevertheless we Indians are proud of our PM’s decision. JAI HIND!

Image source: Twitter.


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