8 Underrated TV Shows From 90’s Which Were Way Ahead Of Their Time


Sometimes a show goes on for seasons but never gets the recognition it deserves. A television show can last 10 years and still be a gimmick and not a good representation of amazing storytelling. Some TV shows win it right some take time to convince of their amazing cast or storylines.

Some of these are more well known than others, Open your mind to some new characters and stories and check out this list of some favorite underrated TV shows.

1. “Firefly”

“Firefly” is a great example of a TV show that was ended before its time. Practically everyone knows the story of the little show that had a studio sequel long before “Veronica Mars” blew up Kickstarter. Half cowboy comedy and half space drama.

Most Underrated TV Shows from 90s

2. “Almost Human”

It’s obvious we like supernatural stories, Combine Police Detective and his “synthetic” robot sidekick and you’ve got a moral and ethical dilemma “Almost Human” did give us some quality screen time

Most Underrated TV Shows from 90s

3. “Cougar Town”

“Cougar Town” was a great concept with a terrible name.

Most Underrated TV Shows from 90s


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