A 12-Year Old Kid Makes Bow Ties For Cats And Dogs To Find Shelters.


Finding the right family and home for dogs and cats is a tough challenge. Some animals wait for such a long time to get home to share their love. We have seen many cases of how creatively people rescued the abandoned animals and finally adopted.

In this cynical world, few people care for the animals and recuse them. When we see young people put some efforts and sets as an example for the others, then you feel that the world is a better place to live.

Darius Brown is a 12 years old boy from  New Jersey and is a kind-hearted. In this tender age, he has taken the initiative to help the cats and dogs get home much faster. He chose a unique way to help them. He made handmade stylish bow ties for those animal companions and donated them to the shelters. This bow tie attracts the attention of people, and thus, they will have new owners.


Brown inspires many people around him. When he was two years, he was diagnosed with fine motor skills and speech delay. He used to help his older sister’s cut fabric for bows when he is eight years old.

He founded a company called “Beaux & Paws” for pet animals which manufactures bow ties for people and their four-legged family members. This young entrepreneur donated many bow tiers for shelter fewer animals across the UK and US.



Brown received recognizations from many public figures. Allen Houston, Kenya Moore, Les Brown are one among them. Barak Obama, the former president, sent him a recognization letter in 2018. Obama appreciated Brown and asked him to continue his efforts to inspire the world. Obama also added that Brown will have a bright future.

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Image credits: sirdariusbrown


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