A Man Forgot He Was Married And Proposed His Wife


Life comes full circle to everyone. What completes one person is another person who is always there for them and loves them the same. That would mostly be couples and people in relationships. Now, what happens after you find the right person? You definitely marry them and become partners for life. And life goes on that too in a slightly better and becomes more bearable. The same thing happened with this guy who found the love of his life and married her and was married for a long time… until he wasn’t. Don’t worry nothing tragic or sad happened, it was just a disease that got in the way and nullified the marriage. This created an even better opportunity for both of them.

Let’s check their story below:

The couple has been married for 12 years now.

They share a very long relationship and have lived their lives together.

Anne Duncan is 69 while her husband is 71.

Bill and Anne’s marriage has been 12 years long but their relationship goes back to 18 years. They have spent almost 1/3rd of their lives together.

The couple met in 2001.


Bill used to be a professional magician when he was young and was performing in Aberdeen, Scotland when Anne and he met. They married in 2007 and have a daughter named Andrea.

Three years into marriage, Bill started to forget things.


Anne noticed that he started being out of character for most of his times.

He was taken to a doctor and diagnosed.

After the reports came in, it was discovered that he had dementia and it could not be treated. Dementia changes the way a person interacts with people and makes them lose memories.

Even after this situation, Anne stayed by Bill’s side for the next years.

Due to Bill’s condition, his job became worse for him while he also started forgetting key moments of his life.

For the past year, Bill even forgot Anne and their relationship.


The couple went to a wedding recently and that’s when Anne was surprised.

Bill proposed to marry her (again).



Bill forgot they had married and when they went to a nephew’s wedding emotions struck him and he proposed his ‘long time girlfriend’.

The family was excited to see them fall in love again.

They made amazing preparations for their re-marriage and everyone was overwhelmed with what had happened.

They married in front of their closest relatives.


Their 8 closest family and friends were there to see the emotional reunion and second marriage with each other.


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