10 Actors Who Underwent Elaborate Makeup Surgery To Change Into Distinct Looking Characters


7. Robert DeNiro did really badass things for his preparation of his signature roles in Taxi Driver and The Raging Bull

Robert Deniro is a certified badass. During his golden age when he acted in Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and The Goodfellas, he pulled some a really awesome bag of method acting tricks.
For Taxi Driver, he actually got himself a fake and illegal licence that he used to drive people around in New York city at night. He also got into the character of boxer Jake LaMotta for the movie Raging Bull. He practised boxing so viciously that he even broke LaMotta’s ribs and teeth while sparring with him.
Then he put on more than 20 kilos of fat right after he got ripped and in shape for the same fricking movie!

8. Jem

’80s babies unite.


Not a makeup look for your face exactly, but what’s the point of having a bun in the oven if you can’t have fun with it? See, Helen gets it.


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