Do You Know Why Airplanes Are Commonly White In Color ?!…INTERESTING…


7. White doesn’t fade

If any other color is used on an airplane instead of white, then it will not go for a long time therefore, other colors need to be repainted after a short period of time as there are more chances of fading. But in the case of white, there is no chance of fading so it is beneficial.


8. Good Visibility

Another advantage of white color is visibility.  We are not talking about its visibility in the sky but oil leaks, cracks etc. can easily be identified. In the case of a crash, it can easily be visible on both water and land so as a result there is very less risk.


 9. Tradition

As white color is being used in the planes from a long time, it has become a tradition and furthermore, it is not good to change an old tradition so people are sticking to it.



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