Meet Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina, The World’s Oldest Surgeon From Russia Who Is Absolutely Unstoppable!


If you think age is a factor or a barrier that stops people from achieving their goals, think again. You’re absolutely wrong there. Because we are now going to meet the world’s oldest surgeon from Russia who is daring, unstoppable has no plans of retiring anytime soon.

If you’re wondering who this oldest surgeon, Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina from Russia is, keep scrolling down and read the article!

1. Her name is Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina. 

oldest surgeon, Russia


2. Alla Ilyinichna Levushkina is currently 89 years old and would be 90 this year.

oldest surgeon, Russia via

3. She is working in a hospital in Russia.

oldest surgeon, Russia via 


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