Amazing Names That Lovers Call Each Other in Different Countries


Love has no bonds, no religion, no language and definitely no expression that shows it. It is always an invisible feeling that two people share between them and it’s really powerful. Couples, whenever they’re in a relationship end up giving names to each other that are their own secrets. These secrets are often never leaked and just stays between the couple. But, some names that lovers call each other are really common and according to phrases of their respective countries. These names are really adorable and different in different countries. But, these show the same feeling of love and that’s what matters.

Below are some of the most amazing names lovers call each other in different countries:

China: Dumb egg (Ben dan).

Dumb is what all lovers are when they are in love.

France: My cabbage (Mon chou).

Kind of cute, maybe some kind of an insider French joke.

Iran: May a mouse eat you (Moosh bokhoradet).


Okay, we have seen people call their significant other many weird things, but wishing for something like this in the name is really weird and fun both at the same time.

My little eyes (Matakia mou).


We call all the names that call out our partners are little kids and this is just good.

Poland: Ugly one (Brzydalu).

What an amazing name to call each other out. It would be so much fun calling each other ugly and laughing through it every time.

Netherlands: My little poop (Mijn poepie).


Calling someone sh1t when you’re angry is one thing, but calling someone little poop is something different.

Taiwan: Little honey (Xiǎo mì tang).

One of the most common name for any couple to be honest.

Portugal: Pumpkin (Chuchuzinho).

Pumpkin is just really cute and sweet, a perfect name to use.

Bangladesh: My gold (Amar shona).

Lovers are really each other’s prized trophies. Calling each other gold is so great.

Indonesia: Fruit of my heart (Buah hatiku).


Fruits are really sweet and in case you didn’t know Indonesia also has the costliest fruit on the planet so, that’s a great declaration of love.

Russia: My bear (Moi medvezhonok).

I have seen so many movies use this, that I really like people calling each other that.

India: Eyes like a fish (Mrignayani).


To show that their partner is one out of billions of options and it’s the perfect one.


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