12 Amazing Things That Are Not Taught In School!


7. High-School life and braces go together like hands and gloves. But nobody told us how do braces correct our teeth! The braces help in proper alignment of the teeth by adjusting the position of the root in the gum. 

amazing things that are not taught ins school


8. Swallowing and digestion were definitely taught in school. But did they teach you what happens when you swallow? The food we swallow almost immediately passes down the esophagus and is proceeded for churning.

amazing things that are not taught in schoolvia

9. This is really really cool! So this is how laser light affects water. Light travels at different speed in water. So once it enters the glass the light refracts in water thus deviating from its normal position and hence the water is flowing out of the glass jar the light follows its direction and hence it seems like the water has turned red.

amazing things that are not taught in schoolvia 


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