Ancient Social Customs : Dowry, Sati and Child Marriage!


Some of us have grown-up reading about them in books….. some of the use have witnessed them around us….. while some of us may even have faced them all by themselves. There’s no denial of the fact that these social customs need not exist in the modern society anymore. But have you ever wondered why these terms ever came into existence?? Every social evil is initially a custom practiced due to some compulsion, helplessness or logical reasons…….. before it gets manipulated by some wicked minds and carried on as a sin.

We’re here trying to make you aware of the roots of these social customs or norms and the process of their manipulation later on.

1) The Dowry System

Social Customs

Evilest of all social customs, this custom has been a cause of a uncountable number of women’s death and pain. But who can believe that this system had a logical reason behind it too? In ancient times, the Hindu religion offered no property share or any kind of inheritance in the attorney to the girl in her father’s wealth. Girls were not even empowered enough to do a job and earn a living on their own. So, a definite amount of money and some jewelry were gifted to them at the time of marriage so that they could use them in an emergency or in case their husbands refuse to fulfill their demands. But this wealth was termed as

‘Streedhan’ indicating that only the girl has the right to use it the way she wants. But as time passed by, this system was manipulated and used as an excuse to torture women and their families.

Image Source : The Northeast Today


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