Ancient Social Customs : Dowry, Sati and Child Marriage!


2) The Sati Pratha

Social Customs

Sati Pratha or tradition of widow burning at the funeral pyre of her husband has been a social evil abolished by the Indian Constitution….. but it still continues to prevail in some regions of India. It’s origin traces back to the time when Goddess Sati, the wife of Shiva, self-immolated herself in protest against her father who had disrespected her husband. The reasons behind this mythological story becoming the source of this custom are still unknown.

Initially, this custom was practiced by the Hindu Queens when the Muslims invaded their kingdoms. The queens self-immolated themselves to protect their dignity and self-respect. Later on, the upper classes like the Brahmins and Kshatriyas and even some lower classes of the society made it mandatory for the widows to sacrifice their lives in their husbands’ funeral pyre. The widows who willingly accepted this custom were considered as pious as the Goddess Sati herself and those who refused were burnt forcefully. This custom is a sin against women and it’s practice needs to be ceased anyhow.

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