Ancient Social Customs : Dowry, Sati and Child Marriage!


3) Child Marriage or Bal Vivaha

Social Customs

In the earliest known history of India, women rejoiced the right to choose their husbands on their own in a Swayamvara (self-husband) arranged for them in the presence of their families. But the Medieval period of India took a rather ugly turn when The Sultans Of Delhi began to rule with their orthodox beliefs. The rulers of the Saracenic origins were a source of the constant threat. Concerned about to protect their daughters from them, the parents tried to get over with their responsibilities by marrying them off at an early age.With time, such practices got manipulated and became one of a social customs in order to prevent the children from committing any kind of love scandals and losing virginity before marriage. The practice got so popular that its ill-effects were shamelessly ignored.

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