6 Annoying Questions We Wish Our Moms Never Ask Us!


4) Why was your call busy? Who were you talking to??

embarrassing questions moms ask

Now please don’t tell me that you’ve been trying my number for so long and getting a constant busy tone all the time………….. cos’ when I’m *actually* talking to someone, I do get your call-waiting alerts!

5) Is that guy your boyfriend??

embarrassing questions moms ask

No Mom No! Not every guy I introduce you to is my boyfriend. Just because I mention him in my conversations or bring him home to meet you, doesn’t mean that I’m paving the way to make you like him. A girl & a boy *can* remain, just friends, remember??

6)  Why are you smiling while looking at your phone??

embarrassing questions moms ask

And then my Mom would assume that I must be chatting with a guy (who I’m head over heels in love with) because according to Mothers’ logic, a romantic text from my boyfriend is the only reason why I can’t help but smile. Come on Mom, I might be reading a joke too!

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