15 Really Annoying Things People Do In The Lecture Hall


Lecture hall is the place which is next to hell for every student, isn’t it? The big room of torture and irritation. We hate sitting for hours in there, listening to person we’d want to turn deaf to. Apart from the already hell like atmosphere, people add to it by doing terribly annoying things.

You wouldn’t believe how one tolerates these annoying things done at the lecture hall.

Feel a fraction of the annoyance!

1. Annoys with their silent whisper itself.

They will not talk loudly but keep on whispering with their friends in the lecture hall. Know what’s annoying about this? Their whisper itself. The way they whisper continuously, feels like the bee buzzing in your ear.

Annoying things in the lecture hall


2. Snoring! 

As we grow up, professors show less care about what we do. This is what our disturbing elements take advantage of and do really annoying things. The one that sleeps during every lecture, snoring and irritating the person next to him/her.

Annoying things in the lecture hall


3. Boasting about their grades.

Dude, the teacher is teaching. For God sake stop bragging now? They will keep on showing you their grades whenever they get a chance. And to add salt in the burn, they will ask your grades too.

Annoying things in the lecture hall


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