Another Most Brutally Honest Trailer Of GOT


—Screen Junkies have yet again come up with most brutally honest trailers of GOT—

They are known to express what we were thinking all along while in a proximity of game of thrones and this second volume is as hilarious and honest as their first. Ever since the start of Game of thrones it has managed to keep our eyes glued to the screen and made us cry, laugh and even managed to send chills down the spine thus becoming the most pirated tv series till date garnering IMDB ratings 9.5/10. In this latest trailer screen junkies covered season 4 and 5 from where the war between 7 seven kingdoms started raging and also the unforgettable episode 1 of season  6, from all the killings of our favorite characters to brutal animal abuse and absolute nudity.

Take the look at the trailer–

Be aware the following contains the spoilers of Game of Thrones from season 1-6.


This is what we needed all along- an honest review. The trailer features the epic Melisandre scene and revival of JON SNOW – the man who still know nothing and all the Viking Fantasies, how they introduced new and exciting characters and keep killing them and you feel like you wanna hang yourself. The walk of shame, the purple wedding, killing of Tywin Lannister, the complete revelation of White Walkers, killing of Jon snow for letting the wildlings into the castle black and thus introducing one new most hated character ‘Olly’.

In case you missed out the part one check it out below-

Review s1-s2 : Ned Stark’s death which led to huge rage among fans for killing the most cherished actor and also the good one, cruelty of Joffery  and his mother Cersi – gained the most hate.

Do Tell us which is your favorite plot of game of thrones till date… 😉 😉


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