Anybody Can Look Like A Star And This Stylist From Latvia Has Proven It!


We often have a habit of judging people based on their outer appearances. But, that’s the thing about looks, if you have a good stylist at hand, you can transform into the most beautiful person. So, those who have a habit of judging people according to their looks have a look at this beautiful transformations.

Konstantin Bogomolov, the stylist from Riga Latvia is giving unique looks to ordinary people over the age of 30, and they look marvelous!

1. This is Galina, a 68-year-old nuclear physicist. Looks so beautiful doesn’t she?

2. A 30-year-old fashion designer, Irina.
3. Olga, a 39-year-old Family doctor, surely doesn’t look like one after her transformation.
4. 31-year-old Student, Ekaterina.
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5. Would you believe me this beautiful 32-year-old Nazdeha is a housewife?
6. Pavel, a 30-year-old wedding photographer.
7. This young 28-year-old is Pamela, she is a manager.
8. Sergey, age 37 is a photographer.

9. That is an unrecognizable transformation! She is a 40-year-old programmer, Tatiana.

10. When you’re in the right hands, nothing can stop you from becoming the real you. Arina is a 38-year-old graphic designer!
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11. No student would ever want to miss their classes when they have such a beautiful teacher. This is Inna, a 31-year-old teacher.

12. Vasily is a 28-year-old deputy head department. Never seen a government official looking this hot before!

13. Evegina is 30 years old and is a co-owner of a photo studio.
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14. Architects can look like Hollywood stars as well, Jurgita, age 39.

15. Dinara is a 35-year-old housewife.


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