Anyone In A Relationship Can Relate To These Pictures Created By An Illustrator From Ghana


Love is not always roses and chocolates. There are so many hurdles you need to overcome to stay together. The most important way to do that is to have understanding and patience. This illustrator from Ghana, who goes by the name Poka Arts, has projected love and relationship in its truest form and you can certainly related to it.

Image Source: Instagram

1. Chilling be like..

Best moments of a relationship

Even if you are in a relationship, you need your own space. Being together doesn’t mean you have to cuddle every time.

2. Family

Best moments of a relationship

Nothing can be better than having a family. Although your children might irritate you some time, that’s the best package of happiness you can ever receive.

3. Things you do to irritate each other

Best moments of a relationship

If your girlfriend is a makeup freak, you might wake up one morning like this. I mean, really beautiful.

4. When she gets too comfortable

Best moments of a relationship

If she eats the whole pizza in front of you like she doesn’t care about the world. Marry her.

5. The times you sneak out after having a baby

Best moments of a relationship

Having a baby gives you very little time to spend with your partner. So you take whatever moments you get for romance.

6. Those sleepless nights after a fight

Best moments of a relationship

In a relationship, the hardest time is when you fight. You both keep on missing each other but won’t take the first step because of your ego.

7. Wrapping your whole world in your arms

Best moments of a relationship

That long, tight hug is the cure of all pain.

8. Don’t even look, just say “No”

Best moments of a relationship

The answer to some questions is always ‘No.’

9. When he goes down on his knees

Best moments of a relationship

I think every girl waits for this moment. And remember the right guy will always make this happen.

10. Late Nights

Best moments of a relationship

When you plan a romantic dinner and he is stuck with his boss, your doggy is your only company.

11. The best day. But first, let me get this eyeliner on point

Best moments of a relationship

We girls cannot even step out on a normal day without looking our best. So it’s worthless to expect us to be on time on our marriage day when we got to look our best.


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