Artist Illustrates How He Met, Fell In Love And Married The Love Of His Life.


How wonderful would it be if you could capture every little moment with your loved one? You’d say there are pictures, but things that reside in the memory are a little different from what we capture in the picture. This artist and illustrator captured his beautiful journey with his girlfriend to now wife and the mother of his son in beautiful and meaningful illustrations that indeed will make you miss your loved one.

Jonathan Jui, a comic artist illustrator illustrates the beautiful journey with the love of his life in these meaningful comics.


1. Anybody who has had to leave their birthplace and stay somewhere else knows what it feels like to leave everything behind and move to a new place to start a new life.artist2. We have to leave our friends, school and almost every memory that is dear to us. 3. It is never easy to adapt to a new language to a new environment but we somehow need to find a way to adapt and re-adjust ourselves to this new environment.4. Nobody usually opens up to you but once in a while, everybody finds a friend who will accept you for who you are.5. This is how the friendships begin, with the chats and calls and texts. 6. After years of being casual friends, you finally get the courage to propose her, even if it is just as simple as the formal dance. 7. Sometimes its time to live the moment before you need to bid a final goodbye. But, byes aren’t really the end of everything, life gives us a chance to rebuild the life and meet each other again.

8. Studies actually makes people go apart, I know this, and maybe it never works out with anybody else because we know we are meant to be with someone else.9. New people come into our lives and we seem to forget the pain and the heartbreak, but that doesn’t mean that you need to forget them, they can stay safe at the back of your minds.10. Fast forward a few years, life brought Tina and Jonathan back together again, and finally Tina began to take the lead since she realised that Jonathan was actually never going to make the first move.11. And when you finally find the love of your life back again, nobody will ever want to wait to be together forever.12. A night under the magical sky is all we want with the one we love.13. And finally, the one moment everybody waits for, to be blessed to have a child with the one you love.


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