Artist Illustrates The Happy Yet Exhausting Side Of Parenthood In The Most Relatable Way!


The ‘Bundle of Joya’  illustrations of the family and a dog went viral last year. So many people love it. Erez Zadok is a comic book artist who created this series. He says that things have changed from the past one year after having a daughter May. He created a happy and exhausting illustration with his little daughter and his beloved wife, Lina. Though Joy is not a focal point, she is there in some of the arts with her barks and actions.

Ered initially created a few cartoons to kill time and be creative. ‘Bundle of Joya’ is the one famous cartoons of which was loved by thousands of people and made Ered art famous.






He explained that “An artist usually gets commissioned by others, in my case, writers. They are the ones that give the tone. This is one of the reasons why I decided to create my own stories based on true events in my life. It brings me much joy to read all the fabulous responses from people all around the world, especially knowing it’s my pure creation. Besides that, I recommend every artist to stay creative. Creativity is like going to the gym – in the beginning, it is hard, but as you keep going, practice and persistence shows.”









Ered said that creating weekly cartoons of her baby and posting them on Instagram makes him track his baby’s development. He noted that posting the pictures of her daughter makes him happier than flipping the photos of the baby on his mobile.










Around 100k followers love the art of Ered in Instagram all around the globe. He said that receiving so much love from the internet family motivates him to be even more creative in his work. He feels so grateful for the love from the internet.








Image Credits: erezadok


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