Avengers Endgame Is All Set To Break Avatar’s Record To Become The Highest Grossing Movie Ever


The euphoria around the end of the Avengers series in Avengers Endgame has practically translated into whopping box office collections. In fact, it is on its way to beat the all time highest grosser movie Avtaar. Though Avatar still maintains its lead for the movie with highest ever collection with a total revenue of $2.788 billion, the sum also includes its rerelease receipts which stands at $33 million.


In the month of June, 2019, Avengers Endgame collected a total of $2.75 billion, which is more than Avatar’s original collection of $2.749 billion. It goes without saying that the rerelease of Avengers Endgame is almost sure to topple Avataar as the highest ever grossing movie.

The slated release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, another of Marvel’s comic superhero tails, on 2nd July, will surely rekindle a desire among the audiences to watch Avengers Endgame again. It is expected that audiences who didn’t watch Avengers Endgame will finally take a call on giving it a go and watch.

It is expected that those who have watched Endgame in the initial days may watch it again for understanding the sequences unfolding in Far From Home.

This is also helped by the fact that the studio is billing the movie, Far From Home, as the final chapter in Marvel’s Infinity Saga of comics.

Indeed, Marvel has earlier witnessed a healthy box office collection from another of his superhero saga, Captain Marvel, in early 2019 owing to the audience’s anticipation about the then-upcoming Marvel series – Avengers: Endgame. He wants to replicate the same this time with Avengers Endgame and thinks that audiences will give it a go in anticipation of the next in the sequel, i.e Spider-Man: Far From Home.

It is expected that the combination of Endgame’s popularity and the anticipation about Spider-Man: Far From Home is going to give Marvel healthy box office collection during the rerelease period.

This can really make Avengers Endgame the highest grossing movie surpassing Avatar.

Image Credits : IMDb |Marvel Studios


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