15 Awesome & Mesmerising Fidget Spinners Videos That Are So Satisfying!


13. DIY spinners

14. Love the way it spins

15. For batman lovers

Some of you may find these fidget spinners annoying but once you get addicted there is no way out :p I have one of these spinners and spinning it on your fingers is totally relaxing. There are spinners made of almost every shape you can imagine. You can find spinners of almost all types. There are plastic spinners, metal spinners and what not. People say that these spinners help children to concentrate and focus but the irony is that they have become a form of distraction and this craze is banned in some schools. So, when are you getting your spinners? Do let us know in the comment down below and if you are not a fan, then I can understand how irritating it can be for you 😀


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