Hair Turning Gray? Check Out These Awesome Tricks And Say Graying Hair Goodbye!


4. Almond, lime, and Emblica juice mixture.

Almond we know is very good for hair growth, so adding these three gives you bonus results and helps you get rid of gray hair.

awesome tricks to get rid of graying hair


Combine these three juices together and shake very well to mix, Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for 45 mins. Rinse off using cold water and mild shampoo.

5. Sesame oil and carrot seed essential oil.

Sesame oil is also known as gingelly oil. It is highly nourishing, healing and lubricating. It is very beneficial for hair growth.

awesome tricks to get rid of graying hairvia

What you need to do is, In a dark colored bottle add 3 teaspoons of sesame oil and half a teaspoon carrot essential oil. Shake it well to mix the contents and then apply it on your scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse off using warm water and shampoo and conditioner.

6. Lemon juice and Emblica powder.

One of the most awesome tricks to prevent graying hair is using lemon juice and Emblica powder.

awesome tricks to get rid of graying hairvia

Just simply combine 4 teaspoons of Emblica powder with the juice of 1 lemon with 2 teaspoons of water. Mix the contents thoroughly until no lumps remain. Apply this paste to your scalp and roots and leave for about 25 mins. Rinse off using warm water, but do not use soap or water immediately.


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