Hair Turning Gray? Check Out These Awesome Tricks And Say Graying Hair Goodbye!


10. Fenugreek powder, curd, and mint leave paste.

Okay, this may not be one of the most awesome tricks, but trust me this is as effective as the other methods.

awesome tricks to get rid of graying hair


Combine 5 teaspoons of fenugreek powder, two teaspoons of curd, and mint leaves (made into a paste). Mix them together, apply on your hair very nicely covering the gray strands of hair. Leave for about 45 mins then rinse off with cold water with shampoo and conditioner.

11. Oiling your hair.

Yes, we may not like this at all, but guys this is a very important part of hair care. Not oiling our hair is one of the major reasons that we have weaker hair follicles resulting in thin hair, gray hair and dull hair at a very young age.

awesome tricks to get rid of graying hairvia

So remember to oil your hair from time to time to keep your scalp and roots nourished.

12. Rubbing your fingernails.

Don’t look surprised, of all awesome tricks, this is the best one. No messy pastes, all you need is your finger nails.

awesome tricks to get rid of graying hairvia

Fold the fingers of both your palms and bring them together. Rub the surface of fingernails of both hands vigorously leaving out the thumbs.


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