Awkward Breakups on Social Media That Are Really Hilarious


A break-up is a traumatic time for both parties involved. The old adage every dark cloud has a silver lining simply goes for a toss in these situations. Social media, unfortunately, is one of those outlets which makes breaking up a very difficult affair and turning them from sad to awkward breakups. Indeed social media sites like Facebook as well as Instagram make it all the more difficult for you to totally forget for once and for all what all happened between you and your ex as you try to drift away.

Check Out These Relatable Awkward Breakups That Happen on Social Media

1.Cursory tweets/messages/status updates which might have been made by you or your ex-flame that is obviously pointing to about some negative intent which might be harbored in his/her mind.

Awkward Breakups On Social Media 1
2.Seeing that he has just recently updated his brand new relationship status. This might be a major cause for heartburn for you. Another aspect which might be causing major difficulties is the fact of noticing that many other people might have recently liked his newly declared single status.


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