17 Awkward Dates So Cringe Worthy That They Will Make You Afraid Of Going On One, Forever!


The world of dating is fraught with sufferings, hardships and horrors one can’t imagine. Now you must be thinking that why am I describing dating as a raging battle, well for those who have never dated or are extremely lucky when going on one, dating is not the fairytale la-la land movies and novels made it look like. Oh no, no, in fact, the list of awkward dates gives a stiff competition to the lucky-normal ones.

These awkward dates scare us off for a long, long time from even considering the thought of dating *shivering in fright* Oh, the horror! Want to know the dates so awkward that they kill the urge to be even seen with another human being? Here they are:

1. She got to date a beggar plus thief combo

awkward dates


2. Had to be picked up by parents, supposedly got scolded too. Ooh nice flashback to school times

awkward dates

3. Was that just brutal honesty or being the mayor of moron town

awkward dates

4. Dating the sulking Hulk, lucky to be spared alive

awkward dates 


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