17 Awkward Dates So Cringe Worthy That They Will Make You Afraid Of Going On One, Forever!


13. Yeah because dating equals going on a picnic to little evil sisters

awkward dates

14. Okay… What? Loony on the loose?awkward dates

15. Did he feed her diamond encrusted sandwiches or what? What a jerk!

awkward dates

16. I think he was testing her if she got scared or notawkward dates

17. I don’t know what is more- Embarrassment or Shock

awkward dates


Did you have any equally awkward dates? Did these accounts lead you to reminisce a date in the past or frown in displeasure at the memory of a recent encounter? Hoping fervently here to never have to face anything like this in life *swears to never date* But come on, we can’t give up on dating can we, such disasters lead us to that cherished “one.”

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