10 Awkward Indian Obligations That You Cannot Deny!


5. Flattery Enough?

Often at parties we find people all dressed up in a way that they have put every jewelry that is there in their home. Their Sarees/Dress/Suits all bright and shiny. And many times they when they come to us, we have to lie! In what way…

Mind: Oh my God! She has put on all the Diwali lights on herself!

Actual words: Aunty! What a nice Saree… I must say, you are looking Gorgeous!

Awkward Indian Obligations
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6. Is this what called as “Being Nice”?

Now, when to act nice? At a relative’s home,  a snack being served… take one bite and “Oh Man! This is Yuck!”

Mind:Oh Man! This is Yuck!

Actual Words: Very Nice Aunty… I love it!

Sometimes our words encourage them to serve more in our plates… facepalm!

Awkward Indian Customs
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