10 Awkward Things Parents Do That All Of You Have Faced Once


4. Being too loud and drawing attention to yourself and them.

Awkward Things Parents Did
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This is often closely related to wanting to be “cool or making it awkward thing” Loud parents are an embarrassment because they are trying to draw all of the attention to themselves. This makes the child feel like they are being either upstaged or humiliated. When you draw attention to yourself by being loud, you are really saying to your child and the world, “It’s all about me! What about me? I need some attention.”

5. Being too affectionate in public.

Awkward Things Parents Did
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Adolescence is the time when kids are exploring the world. They are learning how to function as individuals, and when parents are overly affectionate, they make them feel, and look to their friends, like a little baby. For teens who are learning to grow up and fend for themselves, this is a huge embarrassment. So save the affection for the privacy of your home, and help them make the giant step into adulthood by giving them their space in public.

6. Treating them like a little kid in front of their friends.

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When your child was a baby, you would wipe their face because they couldn’t do it themselves. But when you do that and other babying-type things with grown ups, parents make them feel like they aren’t big enough to care for themselves. So control yourself. Resist the urge to treat them like they are a kid in front of their friends.


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