7 Most Beautiful Places In The World You Never Heard Of!


Do you crave to visit some beautiful places? Traveling is a passion for few and for few a way of relaxation. The mother earth has enormous places to explore. Nature has gifted human with a lot of exotic and beautiful places to visit. Most of the travelers visit those places which are recommended by the tour guides, friends, and family or even local people. Whereas, there are few adventurous yet most beautiful places present on earth about which only few you have heard or maybe never heard about. The following list will discuss different and most beautiful places. The places have not been created by human beings but nature has made them available for recreational purposes. One thing needed to be kept in mind is that for long lasting beauty care is essential.

Below is the list of most beautiful places that you’ll be happy to know about.

1.Mendenhall Glacier’s ice caves in Southeast Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier has bright blue domes covered with ice and cold water streams flow over the cave rocks. Only 12 miles away from downtown Juneau, the caves are located in Southeast Alaska. The tours are organized according to glacier conditions and the tour cost $228 for a day per person. The trip is an adventurous journey of nearly 8 hours which includes trekking on rocky terrains with a walk past crevasses. The ice caves and moulins are a real beauty. The west flank’s ice caves are barred from visit due to consistent melting. The beauty of nature has been affected badly by global warming as glaciers are melting and stopping admirers from visiting there.
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2.Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

The salt plains which give an outlook of the mirror are the largest salt plains in the world. The surface of the plain is similar to the surface of the moon. The place looks ravishing after a few centimeters of rain. Due to rain the area transforms into a giant mirror and view is surely breathtaking. The people define that the view is not having any description as when the whole is full of rain water in short looks like a mirror then the reflection of sky and other things of its surrounding makes it a memorable view. The odd thing there is rainfall is pretty low so very few people can have a chance to see the mirror of Bolivia. The mirror is not only a name awarded to salt plains without any reason, in reality, it gives a glimpse of the mirror.
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