Being A Girl In Summer Is Hard And These Realistic Pictures Are Proof!


Summer, well, people may really be looking forward to it for their vacations and beach outing. But, for a girl summer season sucks. There is nothing good about it, you’re constantly sweating, smelling, sticky, and the list goes on. Well, here are some realistic pictures that a girl goes through during the summers.

These realistic pictures are proof of what girls go through all summer!

1. I wish the lingerie designers knew what designing a mean size means. The struggle is really true!

2. Yep, this definitely happens. I mean honestly, how is this really necessary?

3. Jumpsuits may look really awesome in summers, but believe me, it’s a pain when you need to pee.

4. You’ve got to be really brave when wearing tight dresses in summers. You will definitely not like the aftermath.

5. There’s no use putting makeup in summers because it melts faster than ice.


6. Floral perfumes may smell really nice, but you won’t just attract men when you go out putting that on.

realistic pictures

7. Rings are definitely a no-no in summers you’ll regret wearing it as soon as they put them on.

realistic pictures

8. Please don’t even think of getting into a comfortable position when out in summers. You’ll be regretting it soon.

realistic pictures

9. Nope, you won’t be anywhere near to Marilyn Monroe, instead you’ll look like a lunatic out of a mental asylum.


10. Yep, you either get to wear a micro-mini short or a really long one. There’s no in between.

realistic pictures

11. Sandals look cool, is a pain when worn. You’ll find all sorts of dirt and stones getting caught up in them.

realistic pictures
12. Well, looks like somebody forgot about their thighs which apparently did not really get the summer notice.


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