Few Myths ROMCOMS Have Forced Us To Believe In!


6 Myths ROMCOMS Have Forced Us To Believe In!

Since the concept of ‘entertainment’ has come into existence, Romcoms have served as the best option ever. Who can say ‘no’ to those romantic scenes which make us fall in love like a thousand times along with the flavour of comedy which gives us ache in our stomach! But in spite of showering all the love over our favorite romcoms, we can’t deny from the lies that they have been telling us for so long. Come, see yourself.

1) A girl and a boy can never be just friends!

So according to those romcoms, love is destined to happen between a girl and a boy at least at some point of life. This plotline is older than even Eve & Adam and those directors have been constantly using it to make the audience get glued to the screen. ‘Friends turning into lovers’ *does* happen for sure but not *necessarily* of course. We do have a control over our emotions and hormones and we surely know how to let our friendship go on without any dose of drama
Myths by ROMCOMS

2) The geekiest of all is the prettiest of all!

And all she needs to do is take off her glasses and all her troubles are gone…….just like that! Do girls really need to get rid of their spectacles, jump into makeover sessions and don pretty clothes to get noticed by their heart-throb..?? Nope! Gone are the days when spectacles were considered as a taboo on a girl’s beauty. Nowadays, girls love to flaunt their glasses in the most fashionable way possible. Dear romcoms, get your facts checked!

Myths by ROMCOMS

3) Your best friend is in love with you …….. but you’ve never ever noticed!

So you’re trying to tell me that my best friend would always lend his shoulders to me to cry on, be there for me whenever I’d need him, remember every single detail about my life, buy me something on my birthday which I’d loved a few months back in the store, would shiver every time I’d touch him gently and still I wouldn’t guess that he feels for me! How on Earth is this possible that each one in the friend circle knows about the *thing* that the protagonist fails to notice!

Myths by ROMCOMS


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