12 Signs You Are Actually Doing Better In Life


11. You speak your mind.

You are not afraid to speak what you strongly believe in and don’t keep your feelings and opinions suppressed because you don’t feel the need to be not true. You don’t sugarcoat words just for the sake of pleasing others. But you are witty enough to be tactful at the same time.

You Are Actually Doing Better In Life

12. You have ups and downs.

To have a comfortable life all throughout is impossible. However hard we may try to avoid sadness and sorrows, there are times you will break down and it’s fine. It’s all a part of life. You may feel disillusioned or lost at times but that is normal for people awakening to the world.
You Are Actually Doing Better In Life

These signs should be reason enough for you to believe that life has actually been good so far and that you should never doubt it. So sit back and relax, even the bad times will pass.



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