Bikini Model Confesses About Struggles Of Finding True Love Because Of Her Good Looks


Being a bikini model has its own set of positives and negatives. However, people, in general, always look at the bright side. They think of the attention that these models get, the lavish lifestyle that they enjoy, the perfect figure they possess and things like that. However, here is a bikini model who is crooning about the negatives of being a bikini model and that too a beautiful one. According to her, this perfection of figure that made her a famous bikini model is the reason that she cannot find true love. This is Jenna Thompson, a bikini model, and she says that she is not able to find true love owing to her extreme beauty and perfection in looks.

So, contrary to popular perception that being way too beautiful comes with the advantage of finding true love easily, here is a model who says that she is not finding love because she is way too beautiful. But being too beautiful can be a boon for somebody, but a bane for somebody else.

Jenna Thompson did got Married and is a mother of two, but she has broken up the relationship with her boyfriend 2 years ago. She says that since then getting back to dating has become such a tough job; men are frightened by her extreme good looks.

Indeed, since she is looking for nice guys it is a difficult job, since such guys mostly feel threatened by vivacious looks of their partners. In fact, Jenna thinks that men think that she is so beautiful that there cannot be a future with her. So, she says, her relationships stop midway. In fact, some people have also found her to be rude and self-obsessed. At some point of time she did date a guy, but she later discovered that the guy was already committed to somebody else. However, her statements have got mixed reactions in the internet. Some also claim that it is not her good looks, but her bad mouth that is costing her relations.

Well, the jury is still out.

Image Credits: Instagram


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