Unbelievable & Bizarre Business Ideas That Actually Worked. 


Ever had crazy business ideas which were completely bizarre? We’re pretty sure they weren’t as crazy as these.

Let’s check out this really crazy and bizarre business ideas that people came up with and they actually worked

1. A Positive Approach. 

Bizarre Business ideas


The online dating site PositivesDating.com takes finding similarities in your date to a whole new level. Started by Paul Graves and Brandon Koechlin in 2005, it is an online dating site which caters only to HIV positive people. It has now more than 50,000 thousand registered members.

2. Microwaveable Pillow. 

Bizarre Business


Kim Levine invented a warm relaxing pillow which could be microwaved. She put some corn in cloth, sewed it together and microwaved it. This little thing came to be known as Wuvit and Kim earned a fortune selling them. Bizzare right?

3. MySpace Layouts. 

Bizarre Business


This business may seem bizarre but it actually took off. A teenage girl from the UK set up a site called WhateverLife to offer layouts for MySpace. The high school dropout ended up making millions through that site. Now, she earns as much as $70K a month, and owns a website which gets more than 60 million page views. 


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