12 Bizarre Facts About Human Body You Didn’t Know.


The human body is an ever changing phenomenon. There are both disgusting and incredible things that happen inside a human body which you have no idea about! There are a lot of bizarre facts about a human body that we are unaware of. Some are totally incredible while some are totally weird. There are a lot of biological changes that happens daily inside our body.

Below are some of the most bizarre facts about the human body that you had no idea about. We are sure these bizarre facts about human body will blow up your mind!

1.We all smell! But did you know that it’s not the sweat that gives the smell? The bacterium that breeds on the sweat is the reason behind the bad odour.
human body bizarre facts


2.Farts of women smell worse than farts of men. This is because farts of women have more amount of hydrogen sulphide in it.
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3.There are mites that live in our eyelashes. These Demodex mite sleep, eat and fornicate on the eyelashes. Just a millimetre away from human’s eye!
human body bizarre facts


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