8 Movies That Is To Be Blamed For Not Sustaining Your Friendship With The Opposite Gender!


Cinema ever since its existence has been influencing our style statements, perception, and even lifestyle to an extent. For that matter, some relations are also fathomed in a filmy way. Say, the behavior of a stepmother or a portrait of a happy family, we are subconsciously hardwired with the cinematic representation in movies.

The profound says “friendship is the first step towards love” has its history traced from the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” and has vaguely proven to be true. As per a majority of films/movies, friendship with an opposite gender is bound to convert into a loveable relation or marriage. Yes! It does happen in our lives too but is it very certain to happen? Admittedly many of us might not feel that there exists love between every friendship and every best friendship will be transformed into marriage. A fine line is palpable between love and friendship, which latter also terminates the friendship in real life. Well! Some friends are more than friends but are also less than love and this needs to be understood to sustain the friendly bond.

However,not everyone values their friendship more than their own feeling so they choose to abandon the friend itself.

Let’s have a look at some movies from Bollywood that bloomed love out of friendship and coerced us to phantom a typical love story with our pals.You can surely pass the buck to the movies!!


Needless to say, the film has been the most watched film of the 90’s kids and must have forced us to feel lubby dubby towards our best friend at least once.Bizarrely, love supersedes everyone and every relation in the film.

blaming dharma production movies for not sustaining friendship


Yet again childhood friends Hrithik and Kareena perfectly fall for each other while dissolving the rift between the family members.

blaming dharma production movies for not sustaining friendship


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