#BoycottAmazon – This Is Shameful – Too Far Gone This Time


Amazon is one of the top most leading e-commerce website today- Famous for its satisfactory customer service and fast deliveries- is currently facing wrath on social media and is completely blasted on Twitter, since it has managed to piss its loyal customers in India and this time just apologizing won’t work as the act is shameful

Like seriously Amazon..? Was this your idea of getting religious and booming sales..?

For those who don’t know the reason behind this outrage look for yourself –

Yesterday night a user discovered one of these and shared on twitter- Doormats..!!! with Indian God and Goddess on them..!!! 

Dear Amazon, we have very sensitive sentiments about our Gods and would have never imagined them on Doormats..!!!!

Not only one or two, they have complete stock of these not leaving behind any religion – Hurting everyone from Hindus to Muslims, Sikh and Christians.

Definitely This made people pissed and then started anti- amazon tweets and why not?



This is not the only time Amazon’s boycotting is in trend. It has faced public’s rage before too for not paying fair amount of tax and looting customers, thus complete boycott of amazon would be befitting reply to their audacity – for after hours too neither a single action has been taken yet nor any apology statement stated.

But on the other side, we all know that Amazon is a leading marketing company and would not risk doing such a thing. We know it is an online  marketplace where sellers sell their products and amazon just provide the platform to them. It is thus definitely the huge mistake of the seller, but we expect Amazon – to take a quick action against the seller and remove all his products from the website doing complete justice. ASAP.

What do you feel..? Is Amazon responsible for such an act by the seller…? Or should the seller be only blamed..?

let us know in the comment section below.

Image Credits: Twitter.com


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