Californian Artist Draws Comics Of Awkward Little Moments About Our Life!


Life a little timeline of events that happen across time and with different situations. Every time, in life, we try to do something and end up doing something else entirely. These awkward situations in life are what we remember the most. These situations aren’t just faced by you, everyone faces these so never underestimate your level of awkwardness. Everyone is equally weird and Devin Le knows this. Devin Le makes comics related to these awkward little moments we face in our daily lives. He is really accurate and most of us can relate to his comics.

Below are some of Devin Le’s comics about awkward little moments in our lives:

This man has met God!


As a college student, I agree with this and relate to this achievement. Although, most students have never achieved it.

Smart princess.


And that’s how my friends, snow white became the most white.

Respecting choices is an achievement itself.

This comic just accurately describes people can have choices and do whatever they want without anyone having the right to judge them.

That introvert moment we all face at least once in our lives.

Sometimes we just don’t wanna go out because there are people outside. Damn!

Probability of anything matters.

How can this be so relatable? Is this a personal attack or something?

Dads always do this and scare the sh1t out of the kids.


But obviously this comic is to the point. That’s gonna happen one day or the other once you grow up.

Vegan = Not Friends.


What this comic wants to say is just in case you’re different from others, you end up alone.


Looks like someone is g0y and not getting selected.

And that’s how earphones tangle all the time.

I would seriously love them tangle right in front of me.

A smart way to show how the government works.

Source | According to Devin

Thief – 1 | Professional Thief – 0


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