Can You Recognise These Actresses From Their First Movies?


Hollywood, a place where beauty and talent know no limits. But, there are some actresses who have really left a mark on the industry. Their works have not only been loved by all but their beauty has made their mark on our hearts as well. But, can you recognize these gorgeous divas from their first movies?

We bet you can’t recognize these Hollywood actresses from their first movies!

1. Helen Mirren.

Who doesn’t know this name in Hollywood, one of the very few actresses to have been honored with the Triple Crown of acting. This is how she looked from her first movie Herostratus from 1967.
first movies

2. Felicity Jones.

Felicity Jones has been acting since she was 12, this is how she looked in her first movie, The Treasure Seekers, 1996.
first movies
3. Vannesa Paradis.

The gorgeous actress appeared first in her box office breaking movie Noce Blanche in 1989.
first movies
4. Nicole Kidman.

Does this woman even need an introduction? Well, this is how she looked in her first movie BMX Bandits in 1983.
first movies
5. Winona Ryder.

Be it her first movie Lucas in 1986, or in Stranger Thing, she has always been giving her best in every role.
first movies
6. Michelle Pfeiffer.

All the 80s men have had a crush on this gorgeous actress, who was a symbol of sensuality back then. She was the heartthrob of the industry because of her looks and talent.
first movies
7. Jane Fonda.

This woman has always been breaking rules and creating a buzz in the industry right from that beginning. Well, this is how breathtaking she looked in her first film, Tall story in 1960.

8. Elizabeth Hurley.

This is how the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley looked in her first movie Aria in 1987.

9. Melanie Griffith.

She looks much different than what she used to, well, thanks to plastic surgeries. This is how she looked in her first movie Night Moves in 1975.


11. Jamie Lee Curtis.

The gorgeous actress Jamie Lee Curtis from her first film, Columbo in 1977.

12. Lena Headey.

Our favorite anti-protagonist Cersei Lannister has been ruling the screens since her first movie Waterland in 1992. How many of you can recognize the Queen of seven kingdoms?

13. Uma Thurman.

She is undoubtedly one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, here’s how the gorgeous diva looked in her first movie Johnny Be Good in 1988.

14. Maggie Smith.

She looks simply magnificent in her first movie Nowhere to go from 1958.

15.  Jessica Lange.

From gorgeous to classy, Jessica Lange can do it all. Well, this is how she looked in her first movies, King Kong in 1976.


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