12 Celebrities With Disorders Who Bravely Battled and Won


To talk openly and honestly about mental health in any capacity, we have to destigmatize it. Just as with many things in life, illnesses do not discriminate against the famous. Sure, a lot of celebrities look as if their lives are perfect, but underneath all the fancy clothing and makeup, many of the celebrities with disorders suffered terrible issues too and fought for it.

Bipolar disorder (formerly known as manic depression) that includes many famous people. , since bipolar disorder is characterized by disabling mood swings during which a person goes from a high, manic phase to a low, depressed one. Though it’s difficult to verify if this condition actually crops up more often among artists and celebrities, many famous people, both now and in years past, are thought to be bipolar


Let’s take a look at these 12 celebrities with disorders who suffered from chronic illnesses; we promise there will be many surprises along the way.

1.”When I was first diagnosed with ADHD, it wasn’t a surprise because I had difficulty in high school focusing. And I think now, people notice my ADHD as an adult on a daily basis. When I can’t pay attention, I really can’t pay attention.” — Adam Levine, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

celebrities with disorders


celebrities with disorders

Of all the brave celebrities with disorders, she, too, is fearless, never shying away from an opportunity to tell it like it is. That extends to her own mental difference: The up-and-coming pop sensation has bipolar disorder, which she speaks openly about. “You wonder things like, ‘Am I ever going to be able to be a mom?’ I never wanted to be a cop, but now that’s something I can never be,”  “I can’t carry a weapon…. Knowing that I couldn’t do something because of this, even though it wasn’t directly crippling me, was horrifying.” The power here is that she’s unafraid to share the darkest corners of her mind, so she can learn to find the light.

3.Miley Cyrus

celebrities with disorders

Surprisingly, she is also one of the strong celebrities with disorders. It was revealed to the world in 2009 that Miley Cyrus had tachycardia, a heart condition that causes her heart to beat faster than normal.

She told MTV that”the type of tachycardia I have isn’t dangerous. It won’t hurt me, but it does bother me. There is never a time onstage when I’m not thinking about my heart.”

Maybe she should consider slowing down because she is loved by so many and everyone wishes that her heart will beat forever. Who’s kidding? Because nothing can stop Miley. She marches to the beat of her own drum.


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