Celebs Get Honest About Losing Their Post-Baby Weight.


Having a baby changes you, both physically and mentally. And to back to who you were, and how you looked before isn’t that easy. Especially if you’re a celebrity, all eyes are fixed on you, with each passing month as you put on the baby weight you’re questioned about what you plan to do after you have the baby. Some are even humiliated for gaining their baby weight and taking the time to get rid of it. So, these celebs decided to get honest about losing their post-baby weight!

Here are come of the celebrities who got absolutely real about losing their post-baby weight!

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt has two beautiful daughters and knows what post-baby weight stress is especially when you’re in the show business. But, she’s done letting people tell her how she should live her life and is trying to set an example for her daughters that you should never feel ashamed of your body.
post-baby weight

2. Amber Rose, she was determined to lose her baby weight as soon as she was healthy enough. She told in a talk show that she weighed a massive 202 pounds when she was pregnant. Training and proper diet is the secret to gaining back your previous body.
post-baby weight3. Hillary Duff, she revealed that at first, she was really worried about her body appearance, but then she realized that it was worth it because she gained weight for a beautiful purpose and has accepted her body.
post-baby weight4. Jessica Simpson was totally unrecognizable after her first pregnancy and definitely took some heat. But, through the weight watchers program, she gained back her old body. Through her second pregnancy, she was more conscious about what she ate and followed a strict diet.
post-baby weight5. Pink had to have an emergency C-section because of some complications in her pregnancy. But she was determined to lose her baby weight and rejoined gym eight weeks after Willow was born.
6. Kim Kardashian, after her first pregnancy she had put on much weight and was finding it difficult to get rid of it. But then with the help from her family and through proper gymming and diet, she managed to get back into her previous shape.

7. Kristen Bell, she was one cool mom after her pregnancy and surprisingly she was losing weight without even stressing about it. She even encouraged the other moms not to stress over the baby weight so much and enjoy motherhood to their fullest.
8. Snooki wanted to be a fit mom and so she went into hardcore training after the baby was born. But, she also explained that it is very necessary that the moms don’t get fed up if they don’t see the results immediately.
9. Drew Barrymore started working out to be healthy but she never wanted a bikini body, she says that she would much rather love having her kids than get the stereotypic body.
10. Chrissy Teigen shed light on why is it easy for celeb moms to get rid of baby weight easier and faster than others since they have access to almost everything they require.


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