Check Out These 13 Foods That You Have Been Eating The Wrong Way!


What is the one thing you cannot live without, I mean besides your smartphone and wi-fi, Food. Food is your all time companion, your late night studies, breakups, fights; it’ll never leave your side. But I hate to break it to you, there are some foods that we all have been eating the wrong way!

Here are 13 foods that you have been eating the wrong way.


If you are a hot dog fan, you’ll definitely want to know this. Before cooking the hot dog, cut them in a spirally, this will help the hot dog to be cooked more evenly and plus, it’ll look super cool!

foods eating in the wrong way


2. I have a Straw I have a Strawberry.

If you’ve been removing stem from the strawberry using a knife, you’ve doing it the wrong way. To remove the stem use a straw instead it is much easier and you can avoid cutting your hand(if you are not that good with a knife!)

foods eaten the wrong wayvia

3. No more runny eggs.

We have all faced the disappointment of spoiling a perfectly good yolk, but now no more. Cut the pepper in a flower shape and break the egg inside it. You’ll have a perfect egg (and bright colors on your plate!)

foods eaten the wrong wayvia


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