Chewing Food Is Good For Your Health. Are You Doing It Properly?


    7) Clean & Efficient

The saliva produced while chewing is also good, helping to clear food particles from your mouth and wash away bacteria so there may be less plaque buildup and tooth decay. Your health depends on good hard chewing.

How’s that for a benefit, eh?

Chewing for Good Health


    8) Enjoy Your Food

When you take the time to properly chew your food, it forces you to slow down, savor each morsel and really taste all the flavors your food has to offer.

The most important part of a meal.

Chewing For Good Health


    9) I’m A Rebel. I Won’t Chew My Food. What would Happen?

As far as your good health is concerned, food particles that aren’t broken down properly can cause bacterial overgrowth in the colon which leads to indigestion, bloating and constipation.

You don’t wanna feel that hot dog rolling in a business meeting after lunch, do you?

Chewing for good health



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