This Is How The Classic Disney Movies Would Look Like If They Were Created In 2017


All the Classic Disney movies were made in an era too much different from what we are witnessing today. They were very relevant than to the children but now they are kind of very irrelevant for today’s kids. Everything has changed in the century. From lifestyle to the environment and from technology to daily life problems everything is distant from those days. A UK artist Tom Ward has reimagined how the classic Disney movies would look like if they were created in 2017. He has received hits on his Twitter account and now is pretty famous.

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Here Is Tom Ward’s Imagination About Classic Disney Movies Being Created In 2017!

1. When Whole Focus Is On The Smartphone Rather Than The Goal. 

The prince seems like have been deviated from the path of glory. He was one destined to get that sword out of the stone. Who knows when that will happen!

classic Disney Movies Created In 2017

2. Relationship Overtaken By Technology.  

Cinderella would be so pissed off and would be asking for divorce as her prince charming is not spending quality time with her. This is how classic Disney movies will look if created in 2017.

classic Disney Movies Created In 20173. Pinocchio Doesn’t Have Problems Taking Selfies. 

This one is hilarious. At least he has some benefits. This seems very appropriate and relevant to this era.

classic Disney Movies Created In 20174. Gender Biased Society. 

This was not the happy ending jasmine had thought off. She has to do what every woman is facing today. The gender-biased society.

classic Disney Movies Created In 2017

5. The Jungle Is Not The Same Now. 

You won’t find many animals in the Jungle now as they are now being trapped by human beings. Mowgli will now have a new mission.

classic Disney Movies Created In 20176. Dumbo Has A New Kind Of Fight. 

He will burn all the illegal ivory taken from his elders.

classic Disney Movies Created In 2017

7. Pollution And The Deformities. 

The sea is not the same and neither the mermaid living in it is the same. Look at the deformities.

classic Disney Movies Created In 20178. Too Much Security Ruins Life Of Peter Pan.

Peter pan would never be able to reach his beloved Wendy bird.

classic Disney Movies Created In 2017

9. They Must Be Happy As They Are Free To Express Themselves. 

This couple would be really happy as they are now able to express themselves freely. Happy Folks!

classic Disney Movies Created In 201710. RobinHood And The Changed Scenario. 

Hunting the hunters will be the new game. Robinhood turns into a wolf and will put the arrow to the hunter’s chest.

classic Disney Movies Created In 201711. Forcefully Eating Diet Food To Match The Society Standards. 

Alice will be disheartened to know that she won’t be able to eat what she wants. Why are we eating according to society standards? This is not the freedom I guess.

classic Disney Movies Created In 201712. Sad Animals And Ruined Forest. 

There will be no dual between Shere Khan and Simba as they both are captured in the circus. They may become friends now and plan to escape the circus.

classic Disney Movies Created In 2017

Although it makes me feel sad to see the classic Disney movies when created in 2017 but this is the truth of the society.


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